Doubletake Scrambler Mirror (Single)
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Brand Doubletake
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  • Virtually indestructible, glass filled Zytel used for mirror body selected for toughness
  • Resistance to UV and temperature fluctuations, and lack of vibration
  • Ball joints will give way in a crash and thus protect you, your bike, lever perches, and the mirror
  • Outstanding visibility – S.A.E. spec convex lens increases field of view without sacrificing detail
  • Easy to fold or remove-has 2 ball joint that allow the mirror to tuck away
  • Able to control the tension on the joints allows to adjust the mirror at a light tension and then lock it in
  • The entire mirror can be taken off without tools, leaving just an unobtrusive ballshippage
  • Position anywhere- no matter what your bike or position, you can set the mirror to give you the best view

Riding hard, and always worrying about breaking your mirrors? Doubletake Mirrors are the last mirrors you’ll buy!

Doubletake’s original mirror the “Enduro” and their second mirror the “Adventure” got together and created the Scrambler. This is the most versatile mirror yet. Uses the same 4″ glass as the Enduro just with the shorter stalk of the Adventure.

Made in the USA

Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel

Excellent visibility- SAE spec convex lens

Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes

Housing guaranteed against breakage

Mirror Diameter = 100mm (4")

Overall length = 150mm (6")

Doubletake Mirrors are designed to fold conveniently out of the way when you hit rough roads. Made in the U.S.A., they are sturdy (no vibrating views!), compact and practically indestructible. Note that Doubletake Mirrors only work with RAM products, and will not be covered by warranty if found to be used with other third-party products other than RAM mounts.

Doubletake Mirrors are incredibly versatile and can be configured to different motorcycles – they’re not only for Dual Purpose or Enduro bikes! Simply install the appropriate type of RAM Base for your motorcycle.

********This is for one mirror, if you wish to fit a mirror on both sides of the bike you will need to order 2 and the additional parts to mount them.  Please check out the assemblies also.